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As a professional in the golf industry, I pride himself on being accountable to you, my customer. You’re hiring my services as a teaching and club fitting professional to ensure that you find the solutions for your golf game enabling you to achieve your desired on course results. 

In order to create the most beneficial experience for you, I attended Keiser University’s - College of Golf earning a Professional Golf Management degree. I have taken biomechanics classes with Dr. Kwon. I have received certifications from Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf, and completed an advanced golf club fitting certification through PING Proving Grounds. Additionally, I'm actively working towards becoming a PGA of America Member.
I have combined my passion for teaching and club fitting expertise with Sportsbox AI and Trackman™ to give you the most advanced, personalized instruction and equipment adjustments.

Sportsbox AI brings innovative artificial intelligence technology to analyze your swing and provide real-time feedback and tailored recommendations to improve your game. Combined with Trackman™, a leading RADAR system used by professionals worldwide, we can accurately measure key aspects of your swing and optimize your equipment for maximum performance.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to enhance your skills or a beginner eager to learn the fundamentals, know that together, we can elevate your game to new heights, or 1 flight up!


Coach Ed
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I'm dedicated to teaching winning strategies because let's face it, who doesn't enjoy victory on the course? Whether you're aiming to outplay the course or your friends, allow me to assist you in winning on the green. Click on "Book a Lesson" to schedule a private lesson or to learn more about a lesson package that will meet your winning needs!

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To me, "I Fit Happiness™" isn't merely a catchphrase. While I take pleasure in enhancing golfers' skills through instruction, I also find joy in optimizing their game through equipment tailored to their swing and playing style. Click "Book a Fitting" to embark on your journey toward improved golf with PING equipment customized to fit your game!

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